My name is Johanne Defay, I’m 20 years old, I was born in Le Puy en Velay  and I started to surf at the age of  8 on Reunion island, where I live.

I  began competition at 10, during the  MARMAILLES TOUR, which I won, that lead to my first big competition the ROXY CHICKEN JAMin Biarritz, where I ended 2nd.

Since there everything went very fast. I did my firsts Coupes de la Réunion, joined the pôle surf de la Réunion then, le pôle France in Bayonne.

I did the championships of France, the Junior Pro Europeans and the ISA World Championships.

For 3 years, I also participated to the professional world tour: the WQS (Wold Qualifiying Series) to qualify for the WCT (World Championship Tour, bringing together the 17 world’s best surfers).

I am proud and happy to have achieved this the last year. I finally will be on the WCT for the 2014 season.

During these 3 years on the World Qualifying Series ,I could go all around the world. From China to Australia, South Africa , Brazil and Mozambique .

I discovered amazing new landscapes of beauty of course, but the prettiest remains my encounters with colorful characters and contrasting cultures. This trip around the world and within myself, definitely reinforced the idea that surfing is my life … or almost , since art perfectly complements my world through painting .
Painting gives me a deep and vital appeasement.

2012 marked a new stage in my young career , I  began working with a physical trainer and mental trainer as well as technical coach. I believe in a personalized daily workout .

Now that I am qualified for the WCT, I am preparing intensely to reach my ultimate goal :  win a world championship title .